Located in College Park Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, World Changers Church International (WCCI) was founded by world-renowned author, conference speaker and bible teacher Creflo A. Dollar. For nearly thirty years, WCCI has been a leader within the local, national, and international community, providing simple, practical teaching and understanding of the Bible. Since its establishment in 1981, this simple approach has caused the ministry to experience phenomenal growth and global success.

Creflo Dollar received the vision of World Changers Church International while attending West Georgia College in Carrollton, Georgia as an undergraduate student. While there, he started a Bible study and was led to name it "World Changers Bible Study". The teachings captivated the attention of students, as they were finally able to understand the Word and begin to find answers to life's challenging questions. Word of his dynamic teaching spread throughout the campus like wild fire and the Bible study kept growing until it grew to over one hundred students in attendance. It was through these Bible studies that Mr. Dollar met Taffi Bolton. They were married in December of 1986.

Due to his diligence and commitment, God commissioned Creflo Dollar to begin a local church and become its Pastor. The first service of World Changers Church International was held in 1986 in the cafeteria of Kathleen Mitchell Elementary School. There were only eight people there. As a child, Mr. Dollar had been the first black male to integrate Kathleen Mitchell, so starting his ministry in that school took on added significance. Within two years, the cafeteria could no longer hold the growing congregation. The ministry began its search for a new location. It purchased the former Atlanta Christian Center Church in College Park in 1988.


World Changers Church International has a passion for seeing people excel in every area of their lives. Teaching the Bible with simplicity and making sure that people understand have been Creflo Dollar's trademarks for over 30 years. The ministry's television outreach is now available to almost one billion homes around the world. The ministry has made an impact through bible study groups, conventions, international tours, television and radio broadcasts, nationally published books, sixty outreach ministries, gospel music and video productions, and continues to spread the good news via the distribution of its teachings through the internet, compact disks, audiotapes and video tapes.

The ministry is a trailblazer, always exploring other innovative avenues to preach the gospel and demonstrate the power of the Word. Three hundred and fifty highly skilled employees staff the facilities of World Changers Church International, which is headquartered on an 81-acre campus near Atlanta, Georgia.

The borders of the United States do not restrict the impact of the ministry.

True to the name "World Changers," the ministry has a presence on six continents.

Keep your eye on the World Changers - who knows what the next twenty years will bring!