World Changers Church – New York Volunteer Ministries
Do you have a servant's heart? Do you desire to make a difference in the lives of others? If so, World Changers Church-New York (WCC-NY) invites you to join us as we embark on a mission to change lives. When you connect with WCC-NY's outreach ministries, you become a vessel God uses to revitalize your community and transform the world. Your efforts support local and global endeavors, which enable people to receive the Word of God and experience the love of God. We encourage you to unite with us today. Search your heart and seek God's direction for the ministry where your gifts and talents will best be utilized.

Audio Department
The Audio Department provides sound reinforcement for all WCC-NY services and events. Our goal is to deliver the highest possible sound quality to our members and visitors throughout these events. Department members must have working knowledge of live sound reinforcement.

Altar Workers/Prayer Room Counselors
Assist those who come to the altar for prayer, salvation, rededication, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and church membership. Individuals who come to the altar are directed to the prayer room where they are personally ministered to by prayer room counselors.

Armor Bearer/Vision Keeper
Must exemplify three major characteristics: obedience, loyalty, and hospitality. This person serves in any capacity necessary, providing support for all areas of the ministry.

Community Groups
Community Groups are groups of 5-15 people who meet together regularly for fellowship, Bible Study and prayer.
The Community Groups Ministry was created in order to connect people to one another and to the vision of WCCNY, while helping them apply basic Biblical principles to their everyday lives.

Communications Desk/Venue Guides
This department provides and collects general information for and from members and visitors during services about the church and volunteer ministries.

Children's Ministry
The one true requirement for being a children's ministry volunteer is to have a heart to serve. The objective is to minister the Word of God in fun-filled ways that include action-based praise and worship, colorful arts and craft projects, interactive story time, skits and activities that meet the children at their age levels (ages 3 - 12.) Thereby inspiring and encouraging them to read their Bibles, pray and seek God's face daily.

Dance Ministry
Praising and worshipping God through the gift of dance, the Dance Ministry works closely with the Music Ministry.Dance Ministry volunteers choreograph inspired dance routines that enhance the praise and worship service and help usher in the presence of God. Drama The objective of the Drama Ministry is "Cultural Evangelism." This ministry brings the Word of God to life on stage through skits, full-scale multimedia stage productions, and film, to impart into the lives of men, women, and children using gifted, creative expression.

Ambassadors of Change The Ambassadors of Change seeks to create services that will meet the specific needs of individuals and families within the community. This program is a genuine outreach that works closely with Social Services to build a sense of trust with community members as well as partners with various agencies in the surrounding areas to cause tangible change in people's lives.

Individual Prayer Counselors
Individual prayer counselors are available to pray with congregants at a designated time during service. Prayer counselors agree in prayer with members and visitors regarding any need or concern they may have.

Intercessors stand before God appealing for His mercy and intervention on behalf of those who are in need of prayer. They are prayer warriors who fight to advance the Kingdom of God by driving back the forces of evil in the world. They are the watchmen who stand guard to ensure the prayers of the righteous go forth unhindered.

Hip Hop Dance
The Hip Hop Dance Ministry is geared toward those who have a love for dance and a desire to use their talent to glorify God. This ministry provides an outlet for our young adults and teenagers to creatively express themselves through anointed hip-hop dance performances.

The Media Department supports and enhances all facets of the ministry through professional audio and video presentations. They are dedicated to combining the technical and creative aspects of media to provide high-quality worship experiences, video support for various ministries, special presentations, messages, illustrations, and more. They are a group of gifted individuals that includes writers, set designers, editors, camera persons, directors, audio engineers, lighting technicians, photographers, graphic designers, and more. All these individuals come together to support the vision of World Changers Church-New York.

Medical Support Team
 A dedicated group of registered nurses, licensed nurse practitioners, and doctors who assist members and visitors who experience medical challenges during service.

Men's Fellowship
The mission of Men's Fellowship is to develop strong friendships and accountability among men of WCC-NY through gatherings and group interaction; ultimately building the character of Jesus Christ into every man who involves himself with the Men's Fellowship.

Ministry for the Deaf
The Ministry for the Deaf provides American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting for all services, conferences, and events. This department also works alongside other departments within the church for deaf members interested in serving in a department and outreach in the deaf community. Those interested in serving in this department must be able to converse with the deaf, have interpreting experience, and have the heart of a faithful servant.

Music Ministry - Singers and Musicians
The goal of the Music Ministry is to provide a sanctified atmosphere through a spiritual flow of praise and worship that invokes the manifested presence of God during church services. The choir, praise team, soloists and musicians, all have a part in building this atmosphere to assist in preparing members' and visitors' hearts to receive the Word of God. Pastor's Aides This ministry's primary duty is to prepare an atmosphere of hospitality for our pastors, speakers, and any special guest of World Changers Church - New York. They make preparations for them before, during, and after services, conferences, conventions, and any special events. This Ministry is also responsible for other areas of servanthood that may include preparing and serving meals, and any other duties our pastors deem necessary.

Tape Ministry
 The Tape Ministry is the on-demand supply center for the Word of God in cassette, DVD, and CD formats. Volunteers should be spirit-filled, committed to the vision of the ministry, and excited about recording, duplicating, assembling, and distributing high-quality audio and video media of each service. The Tape Ministry operates in a fast-paced environment.

Social Services
A referral-based ministry that provides our members with community-based contacts and organizations designed to meet their social needs. The Social Service Department also provides our Embassy of Change outreach program with the same contacts and organizations designed to meet the social needs of those living in the outreach communities which this program serves.

Soul Winning
The Soul Winning Ministry's purpose is to bring the message of salvation to those who don't know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The Soul Winning team will go out once a week to local communities and share the love of God with people and offer them the opportunity to get born again.

Ushers and Greeters
The ushers and greeters are the face and heart of the church. They are the first people that are encountered, and continuously interact with those that attend service. First impressions are lasting ones and reflect greatly on the ministry. Therefore, flowing in the love of God at all times is a mandatory requirement. Greeters are responsible for cheerfully welcoming all members and visitors to service. Ushers are responsible for maintaining order throughout the service by directing and seating people in an orderly manner. Ushers are also responsible for handing out offering envelopes, brochures, and administering offering buckets.

Women's Ministry
As sisters in one Body, our mission is to see every woman develop into the fullness of the virtuous woman God intended her to be. Women's ministry holds events, workshops, and activities to foster fellowship among women, as well as spiritual growth.